Hydraulic Suspension & Steering Axles

The triple auger FS1700T mixer can be equipped with a tridem Hydraulic Suspension with Steering Axles for superior handling of heavy loads on many types of terrain and reducing tire wear when turning.

  • Automatic Ride Height Leveling

  • 10” of vertical travel compared to 4″ on the leaf spring suspension

  • Allow for manual Ride Height Control

  • Steering on Front and Rear Axles

  • Steering Lock Control

Automatic Ride Height

Each axle end is supported by a hydraulic cylinder capable of 10″ vertical travel. The mixer can be lowered by relieving the hydraulic pressure in the suspension cylinders. As the mixer is being loaded with feed, the automatic ride height control maintains hydraulic pressure from the tractor to the suspension so  the cylinders are always at the optimal ride height (halfway extended) such that each wheel can respond to dips or humps in the terrain. Oil can be displaced from the cylinders when humps in the terrain are encountered, or supplied to cylinders which have encountered a dip in the terrain. Similarly, as the load is being discharged the automatic ride height control releases hydraulic pressure from the suspension cylinders in order to maintain the optimum ride height. If the mixer is disconnected from the tractor or power is cut to the control box the hydraulic valve block will maintain the current pressure in the hydraulic suspension and isolate it from the tractor pressure hose.

Steering Axles

While travelling in a forward direction, the front and rear wheels will self steer in the direction following the tractor, and the hydraulic control valve will maintain the steering circuit in “float” position so that the steering cylinders are allowed to act as a dampener. When the operator shifts the tractor into reverse to back up, the control valve automatically pressurizes the steering cylinders to lock them with the wheels in a straight forward position. This is accomplished with a connection to the tractor’s reverse safety alarm switch.